AndroidHelp allows you to deliver an embedded help system with your Android app.


  • Based on standard Android Widgets and Controls. Your help system will use the same look and feel as the app itself
  • Choose between topic oriented authoring with our Twister tool or standard Microsoft Word with our Twister4Word plugin.
  • Single library solution, link to the help runtime library (jar) and you’re good to go
  • Single file solution, the help is contained in a single package that can be easily sent to you from your tech writer
  • New featureMake money on your help content with our new Banner Ad support
  • Built-in support for Google Analytics to get stats with the HelpStats app by on which help topics are viewed, topics that are never viewed, what users search for etc.
  • App Stats - The Google Analytics support outlined above also enables it for the app itself, enables you to quickly get usage reports using the Google Analytics site or the AppStats tool by

Three easy steps to add help to your Phone app:

  1. Download an authoring tool, either the topic-oriented Twister or our MS Word-plugin Twister4Word
  2. Author the help system in Twister or Microsoft Word
  3. Use the help compiler in Twister or Twister4Word add the help system to the Eclipse project of your phone app. The help compiler adds all neccessary files to the project.

Why use AndroidHelp in a Phone App vs old-school Browser-based Help?

  • The Help blends in with the rest of the UI since it’s using the same renderer. Since the help files are displayed using standard Android controls and widgets they look like the rest of the app.
  • The HTML renderer is smaller and faster than the Android Browser control
  • Runtime (and compile time) variables, you can use variables in a help topic that are replaced at runtime or at compile-time.
  • Runtime (and compile time) conditions, you can conditionalize text in topics to customize the topics depending on for example properties of the device. Conditions can be applied both at compile-time as well as runtime.
  • Use of Android animations to make topics look more interesting

See Code Samples for how to deploy Help in your app.