The DocViewer

The DocViewer is a standalone Windows app for document (set) viewing. It supports all our help system formats - iOSHELP, AndroidHelp, Xamlhelp, SilverlightHelp and PhoneHelp. You can also open and view image files, standalone XAML files, XAML resource files, and regular HTML files.

We are thinking about adding support for help systems generated by RoboHelp - please take our quick-poll


  • A showcase for how to embed XAML-based user assistance (help) in a WPF app using our runtime
  • Opens Android application "apk" files to view the embedded help system
  • Opens Silverlight and WP7 "xap" files to view the embedded help system
  • Supports both floating and dockable help panes
  • TOC pane
  • Index pane
  • Search pane
  • Favorites pane
  • "Context sensitive" pane
  • Page transitions, "Push", "Slide" etc

Not that to display XamlHelp for WPF apps you DO NOT need the Document Viewer, you just link to our assmebly and use our simple API to load and display Help in your WPF (or .Net) app.