Kindle e-Books

Both Twister and Twister4Word are ideal authoring solutions for authoring Kindle e-Books. Both tools integrate well with both the Amazon kindlegen book generator and the Kindle Previewer. The tools can also generate regular EPUB books.

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Twister4Word Ribbon inside Word and some of the UI For Kindle output - click image to enlarge


Twister UI For Kindle output - click image to enlarge


Kindle Output from Twister4Word Highlights

We try to make it really easy to author an e-book in MS Word

  • New Style Conversion UI to make it easy to customize the look
  • Supports multiple "targets" - support different e-readers by building different e-books with different stylesheets
  • Build large e-books by linking many Word documents into large books
  • Automatically generates both a HTML TOC as the first page and the internal NCX e-book TOC (you have to mark up "topic breaks" using special paragraph styles)
  • Automatically converts to clean HTML and image files
  • Allows you to format the e-book text in Word (a CSS stylesheet is automatically generated from the Word formatting) or you can format the e-book with a custom CSS stylesheet
  • Single click to browse for the cover image
  • Cover image automatically converted to JPEG if needed
  • Optionally, automatically injects "mini-TOCs" at the end of topics, linking to sub-topics below it in the TOC
  • Allows you to link many Word documents to a long e-book (using a simple paragraph style markup and regular MS Word hyperlinks)
  • Automatically builds the e-book spine and manifest
  • Automatically calls the KindleGen program to create final .mobi file
  • Automatically (optional) sends e-book to the Kindle Previewer

Stay tuned for more details... or download and test for yourself!

For a quick test drive:

  • Download Twister4Word
  • Select the Twister4Word ribbon
  • Click the "Open Sample" button
  • Select the "Kindle Sample"
  • Click the "Generate" button in the Twister4Word ribbon
  • If needed, you will get prompted to download and install the KindleGen generator and the Kindle Previewer.
  • Click Generate and after a short while the new e-book is opened in the Kindle Previewer

Got ideas?

Have any great ideas that would make your e-book authoring easier? Drop us an email at, we might make it happen!

For some of the ideas and feature requests we might create polls, like this one:

Multiple Targets

Recently released - target different e-readers by generating different e-books using different stylesheets. You can create any number of "targets" and then with a single mouse click generate custom e-books for each targeted e-reader

Twister4Word UI to create targets


New Style Breaking

Recently released - you can now break a document into smaller topics by also using any style in the document (in addition to the TopicID styles previously supported)

Twister4Word UI to set "topic breaker" styles.