MetroHelp - Windows 8 Help

Metro is the next big thing from MS and BackSpin Software is tackling the task to come up with different ways to integrate Help in Metro apps.

We invite you to take part in this project. Signup for our newsletter! We will soon upload new versions of Twister and Twister4Word that can output our new “MetroHelp”, a help system format and runtime for embedding help in Metro apps.


MetroHelp allows you to deliver an embedded help system with your Windows 8 Metro App.

  • Native Metro support - Help becomes part of the App
  • Allows you or your tech writers to use standard Microsoft Word to write the content
  • Single assembly solution, link to the help runtime assembly and you’re good to go
  • Single file deployment - Help is contained in a single file archive (ZIP)
  • Two authoring solutions - Twister4Word and Twister
  • The authoring tool automatically updates your Visual Studio project files, adding the generated XAML and XML files
  • Supports the usual help system features: TOC, Search, Index as well as a Favorites page
  • “Return to app” button that takes the user back to the page from where help browsing originated
  • Context-sensitive help support
  • Variables - Support for both compile-time and run-time variables
  • Conditional text - both at compile-time and at run-time
  • Feedback Page - provides a feedback page for users to upload feedback at runtime.
  • Built-in support for Google Analytics to get stats with the HelpStats app by on which help topics are viewed, topics that are never viewed, what users search for etc.

Stay tuned for more in-depth info on MetroHelp.


MetroHelp is a new output "target type" in Twister, as shown in the picture below.


The MetroHelp runtime will also be used for generating true Metro Apps using our new AppBLASTER solution.