Twister is a brand new integrated e-Content Authoring Tool that allows you to quickly create for example e-Books and Help Systems.

It's Free!

Twister is offered free of charge, you just need to signup with a valid email address and we'll email you a license key. Download the app and follow the instructions when prompted to enter a license key.

Twister is a topic oriented authoring environment - you create your content by writing smaller topics in the built-in Topic Editor or in MSWord. Compare this to our other authoring solution Twister4Word, where you use Microsoft Word to author the content as one large document and a compiler breaks up the document and generates the final e-book / document set / web site.


Twister is based on a new app and document set authoring framework. A document set is encapsulated in a project. A project consists of at least one Table of Contents file, a style sheet and a number of topic files.

The authoring environment allows multiple projects to be opened and worked on simultaneously, making it easy to copy data from one project to another. The tool features a WYSIWYG topic editor, a stylesheet editor, a project editor, a table of contents editor, a file and folder explorer and an image editor. The tool supports advanced features such as table patterns, both runtime and compile-time variables as well as conditional text.

MSWord or built-in topic editor

New featureRecently added: MSWord support. You can now choose between editing topics in MSWord or in the built-in editor.

Device Modes

Twister supports different Device Modes to help you understand how your content will look like on the small smartphone screen - iPhone, Android or Windows Phone



Twister is our new complete solution for e-content authoring. For more details see the older 1-2-3 XAML