Twister4Word™ is a new tool for generating all kinds of e-content such as e-Books and Help Systems as well as native smartphone apps.

See also our other authoring solution Twister, a topic oriented authoring environment - you create your content by writing smaller topics in a built-in topic editor.

Twister4Word combines the functionality in our older Xaml4Word and Droid4Word tools into one single solution for e-content authoring using MS Word.

It's Free!

Twister4Word is offered free of charge, you just need to signup with a valid email address and we'll email you a license key. Download the plugin and follow the instructions when prompted to enter a license key.

Recent News

New featureKindle Periodicals - we recently added new UI and support for creating Kindle Periodicals



See Android Code Samples for how to deploy Help in an Android app.

See "sister apps" Xaml4Word and Droid4Word for more info


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