Single File WebHelp

No more struggling with thousands of files! - a "Single File" solution for WebHelp deployment!

We are working on two "single file webhelp" solutions - both are variants of our jHelp output.

jHelpCompressed - HTML4 Version

The HTML4 version is available today and the output works in all browsers supported by jQuery.

A jHelpCompressed Help System consists of one file and that file is generated in two flavors.

  • jhelp-singlefile.js - a single Javascript file that you link to your topics. You display Help with the function jHelp(topicID). Help is displayed as a jQuery popup. You can also assign topics to elements with the attribute "data-topic-id" and the jHelp runtime will automatically inject code to show the corresponding Help topic.
  • jhelp-singlefile.htm - a single HTML page that you can link to from your website. You can control the first topic shown with the URL query argument "topic-id=TID".

jHelpCompressed - HTML5 Version

Based on the new proposed HTML5 File API.

(More details coming soon)



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