The functionality of Xaml4Word has been moved into our Twister4Word solution for authoring e-Books, Apps and Help.

Xaml4Word™ is an industry first tool for generating Windows Phone 7 apps, Silverlight apps, surveys, quizzes, ballots and XAML-based help systems with built-in support for Google Analytics, AppStats™ by Web-Analysis.net.and HelpStats™ by Web-Analysis.net.

See also our other authoring solution 1-2-3-XAML, a topic oriented authoring environment - you create your content by writing smaller topics in a built-in topic editor. Read more about the differences.

Click here to see how to add a help system to a Windows Phone 7 app

Click here for some samples generated with Xaml 4 Word™.


  • Add a well integrated help system to your Windows Phone 7, Silverlight or WPF app with virtually no coding
  • Based on standard Microsoft Word means close to no learning curve
  • 100% XAML-based makes the Help a true part of your XAML-based app
  • Supports advanced features such as both runtime and compile-time Variables and Conditional Text
  • New featureAn easy way to create and deploy rich-text tooltips
  • New featurePage Transitions for Windows Phone - we recently added support for the WP7 Toolkit Page Transitions.
  • New featureHelp Popups - an alternative to tooltips
  • and it's free!


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