iOSHELP - for embedding help systems in iPhone or iPad apps.


  • Based on standard iOS Controls. Your help system will use the same look and feel as the app itself
  • Allows you or your tech writers to use standard Microsoft Word to author the content
  • Supported by our new HAT - Twister - with a special iPhone Editing Mode.
  • Single library solution, link to the help runtime library and you’re good to go
  • Single file solution, the help is contained in a single package that can be easily sent to you from your tech writer
  • Built-in support for Google Analytics to get stats with the HelpStats app by on which help topics are viewed, topics that are never viewed, what users search for etc.

A few simple steps

It is quite simple to author and add iOSHELP to your iPhone or iPad app. See this for more details.

Why use iOSHELP in an iPhone App vs old-school Browser-based Help?

  • The Help blends in with the rest of the iPhone UI since it’s using standard iPhone controls and widgets.
  • Help is using standard iPhone navigation
  • Runtime (and compile time) conditions, you can conditionalize text in topics to customize the topics depending on for example properties of the device. Conditions can be applied both at compile-time as well as runtime.
  • Runtime (and compile time) variables, you can use variables in a help topic that are replaced at runtime or at compile-time.